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We ask you to consider a tax-deductible contribution to one of our three funds:

1. The Environmental, Recreation and Public Safety Fund

Supports projects which protect and improve the natural environment and
alleviate or prevent urban blight in the New Paltz region

Promotes and supports creation of public recreation projects

Promotes and supports creation and maintenance of parks and recreation areas

Promotes and supports projects which restore, clean and maintain the properties and public areas in New Paltz to prevent urban blight and increase community spirit

Promotes and supports projects which improve community safety

2. The Education and Local History Fund

Promotes scholarships for New Paltz High School students

Supports studies of local history subjects

Promotes and supports projects which celebrate the inclusiveness of the New
Paltz community and the understanding of and opportunities for all community members

Supports distribution of local history information and associated publications in and out of the area

3. The Commerce and Employment Fund

Promotes and supports projects which establish business and employment
opportunities for community members to provide for the general welfare and
prevent unemployment and urban blight

Promotes and supports education/training programs/projects which educate members of the community, help ease unemployment and/or provide
more skilled workers

For more information about the New Paltz Community Foundation, its goals and programs, or to send a donation, please contact the Foundation at or write to:

New Paltz Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1112
New Paltz, NY 12561



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