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Building a Better Place for Family

We at the New Paltz Community Foundation are proud to recognize the important work of Family of New Paltz. We are continually delighted and amazed by the spirit of hope and kindness at Family of NP, which makes such substantial contributions to people in need in our community.

This they do without hesitation and with great generosity, in spite of the poor condition and inadequate accommodations of their building. Unfortunately, their building is not only dysfunctional and time-worn, it presents a dreary environment to the families who rely on Family's services.

The New Paltz Community Foundation spearheaded a drive to raise funds to solve that problem, and to create a brighter, more modern, more functional and healthy environment for Family's clients, employees and volunteers.

Thankfully, the response from our community has been tremendous!


New windows going in...


Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the people and businesses in the New Paltz area, we have raised enough money to renovate the two Family buildings and they are beautifully done.



Photo by Joan Barker at