Since 1997, the New Paltz Community Foundation, Inc. has made it possible for people and organizations to carry out dozens of projects that have improved and enriched the quality of life in Ulster County and that have advanced educational and leadership opportunities for local students.

Our Mission

The purpose of the New Paltz Community Foundation, Inc. is to enhance the quality of life in the New Paltz area for current and future generations. As a 501c3 corporation, the Foundation administers and manages tax-exempt donations from people who wish to contribute to a wide variety of initiatives.  NPCF also contributes directly to worthwhile endeavors in the community.

our history

The New Paltz Community Foundation, Inc., established in 1997, was initially sponsored by the New Paltz Economic Development Corporation (no longer in existence) as a way to nurture philanthropic efforts within the New Paltz community.

what is a community foundation?

Community foundations are a popular and established way for individuals, families, civic organizations, and other foundations to support worthwhile projects within their communities. The New Paltz Community Foundation administers and manages funds donated to it by people interested in the quality of life in the New Paltz area. NPCF is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 corporation set up to accept tax-exempt gifts.

how we can help

501c3 support

Focus on fund-raising, not paperwork.

If you're fund-raising for a project that will benefit the community, the ability to offer tax benefits to your donors can increase giving capacity significantly.  Funnel donations in your project's name through NPCF, an established charitable organization with a sterling reputation for getting things done transparently and efficiently.  We can be your 501c3!

funding support

contribute to local good causes.

NPCF accepts financial contributions for projects that have been reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors.

In addition, we support local initiatives and organizations through direct donations of funds that have been contributed to the Foundation itself.

Visit our MAKE A DONATION page to support our current projects or to donate to the Foundation.

To request 501c3 support for your project, or to request a direction donation, please contact us at Be sure to provide a full description of your project or the purpose of the requested donation.  Requests are accepted year-round and are evaluated by our Board of Directors based on their fit with the NPCF mission.